As the name suggests, Reactive Core is focused on developing reactive applications. These applications fulfil multiple criteria:
  • responsive
  • event-driven
  • scalable
  • error resilient
For more information please refer to the Reactive Manifesto.

We are focused on backend software written in the following programming languages

  • Scala (and some Java) - for maximum robustness and scalability.
  • JavaScript - for prototypes and small (UI) applications.
  • C++ - for maximum execution speed and platform specific features.
  • Go for CLI Utilities and system integration

To reach our goal we focus on multiple frameworks and technologies, most notably Play! Framework, Apache Spark, Boost ASIO and NodeJS.

Additionally we do cross platform programming and optimization with experience in:

  • Linux Server and Desktop
  • OSX Desktop
  • Windows Desktop
  • Android (Java, Scala, JNI and Native)
  • iOS

We are developing Agile: Pull requests, Code Reviews and Automated Testing and Deployment are an integral part of our methodology. We are happy to teach these methods to you and your team and also provide support in getting all tools running.

Other technologies we are specialized in

  • Docker
  • Databases
  • Redundancy and eventual consistency
  • Elearning protocols (TinCan)